Customer Analytics and Marketing Management
In the retail and customer services market, fierce competition has become the norm. Social media and web development have made customers aware of the full range of their options and empowered them to decide not only what they want, but where they wish to find it and with whom they prefer to do business.

In this environment, the establishment and nurturing of customer loyalty has become a top priority, integral to a company's continued success.
From Information to Communication
GlowByte Consulting has the technical expertise to implement systems that not only automate and alleviate analysts' and researchers' workloads, but also expand their creative capacities, unlocking completely novel sales and communications strategies.

Our systems provide an integrated, transparent perspective on the consumer base, allowing experts to carry out deep data analyses, uncover hitherto obscured consumer groups, and build accurate mathematical models of customer preferences and behavior.
Over the course of our projects, we have been the first company on the Russian market to integrate web, social, and geographic data with traditional back-office systems and to implement live-streaming and online processing.