Data Warehouses
Growing companies are inevitably faced with a tremendous proliferation of documents and reports. Although these files may contain a wealth of useful information, they can be difficult to manage and may even appear to be a burden, especially when data is scattered between various forms. In order to fully leverage the value of this information, companies must ensure that data can be accessed quickly and efficiently by many simultaneous users.
Data warehouses are the best solution
A well-organized data warehouse turns chaotic information into a clear system that is easy to work with, giving disparate users the possibility to efficiently collect, process, and parse great volumes of data. Every user has unique needs, and a good data warehouse provides flexibility, whether to analyze data at varying levels of detail or to create sophisticated new templates for reports. Despite their scope, these systems are simple, reliable, and safe.

Our warehouses contain hundreds of terabytes of data and serve thousands of corporate users. In collaboration with Eastern Europe's premiere banks and telecommunications companies, GlowByte Consulting has designed elaborate and innovative data warehouse systems unlike any others in the region. These expansive, intricate systems continue to run like clockwork and have proved a sturdy foundation for our clients' digital activities.